About sam

sam is a companion to rock that acts as:

  • a minimal package and dependency manager for ooc projects. It operates similarly to homebrew for OS X, but in a much more minimal way.
  • a minimal code checker, that can be integrated with a text editor to report syntax errors, for instance.
  • a minimal test runner, used to test rock and its SDK.
  • a minimal assertion library that provides describe and expect.

These docs contain:

  1. An Introduction that describe how to install sam and keep it up-to-date.
  2. A primer on Package management, ie. how to install packages, update them, create your own packages and submit them for inclusion in sam’s grimoire.
  3. A quick rundown of sam’s Code checking features
  4. A guide on Writing and running tests with sam.

If you’re looking into a narrative-based approach to ooc tools, head over to the tutorial, which explains quite a bit about sam.